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This is the South of Gilman Forum/Board - here you'll find a place to chat, a collection of flyers from days of old, scans of album art, pictures sent in by listeners, and other miscellaneous images relating to the music and scene surrounding this site.

A couple of usage notes:

The old forum can still be perused in read-only mode for posterity.

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  1. Co-ed - If I Ran The Zoo
  2. NoMeansNo - The Day Everything Became Nothing
  3. Bratmobile - I'm In The Band
  4. The Mr. T Experience - Hangin' On To You
  5. Teen Idols - Midnight Picture Show
  6. Dance Hall Crashers - Buried Alive
  7. Dillinger Four - Doublewhiskeycokdenoice
  8. The Eyeliners - I Could Never Hate You
  9. NoMeansNo - 0 + 2 = 1
  10. Digger - Blocked Up

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it works friend
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New server!
This is a test post on the new server
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Re: Thanks
Do you have any info on the bands that are featured on the Can You Spare a...
gymicrae <3PNJmQlLFy> 2020-07-08 15:55
I think you maintain the only complete discography of my old bands. And...

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