Where Is He? by Corrupted Morals

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At one time no man walked the earth
There was no God, and no one to believe
In the shit that is supposed to be
The all so mighty powerful being
This place he made for you and me
To live our life in happiness and peace
Long ago, times that were untold
Man worshipped things he didn't know

Called them Gods but weren't sure
From where they came or where they were
Left for us a book of rules to obey
Called the holy bible, live it every day
Sent from the heavens a man to teach
To spread God's word of peace and to preach
Against all the evils and sins that men do
If there is such a being let me you

Where the fuck is he when we need him most?
Before we all go to hell and roast
Need to do something before nothing can be done
How could we have let it get so bad?
Where man can destory everything that we have
With chemicals, pollution and nuclear waste
Why don't we use our brains for something good
Before we fuck up and it's too late!

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