Predisposition by Fifteen

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I met a girl who was 15 years old, she seemed so on top of
the whole world
But I was blind to the facts, she had a predisposition towards
being attacked
I met a girl who was 15 years old, she seemed free to roam
the whole world
But I couldn't realize,
she was running for her life
See, mama taught me how to take it, and I guess it's impor-
tant to survive
But now my only wish is to extract the poison from my mind
Some people have abused me so bad, that now I do it to
And now my only wish is to kill the poison and find some kind
of health
I met a boy who was 15 years old, he just wanted someone
he could always hold
Which turned into control, which turned into paranoid nar-
coleptic vision
I met a boy who was 15 years old, he was so hell bent on
He took the offered gender role, he had a sickness right down
to his soul
See, mama taught me to live in a Rage, Dad taught me how
to live in a cage
And now my only wish is to remove the poison from my mind
Can you hear me brother
We got so much work to do
We're as fascist towards
some of us
As the pigs who try to keep down me and you
We Need an army of IDEALS

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