Lookin' For Trouble by Fifteen

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Every since you've been gone, my tired mind
runs on and on
Through my memories of being with you
I got to wonder why my love grows stronger, as
these lonely nights
Grow Longer, And the pain of missin' your sweet
love just won't last
Another day, come and gone, another shot
won't do any harm
But the love I need to hold me can't be fixed
I hope that someday you'll be the one
you'll be the Rain and you'll be the Sunshine
But sometimes I'm afraid, it's all in my mind
Babe we let our time run out, missin' you really
gets me down
Never through I'd fall for you so hard
But now I'm left with this emptiness
Once so hopeful, lost and lonely again
Gotta find that feelin' I had when I was by your 
Cause you gave me everything, everything my
heart desired
And I got to find a way back to you
I hope that someday you'll be the one
You'll be the Rain and you'll be the Sunshine
But sometimes I'm afraid, it's all in my mind

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