#315 Japan Nite 2008 @ The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, Sunday, 23 March from Harry

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We were late, one of those series of unfortunate events, and the 2nd act (of 6) were on stage when we entered the Knitting Factory: Petty Booka. Two kawaii gals playing kawaii ukuleles and singing in kawaii harmony.

Eh, I thought. We'd missed the 1st band, Scandal, who were the only ones I'd heard even a little about, and I was disappointed.

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The next band changed all that: Ketchup Mania. Pop punk with female vocals (kawaii), volume to the point of being painful (I'm old), and crowd jumping around. A pleasant surprise.

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Next: Detroit7, also loud. To be quite honest, I don't remember much about the music because I was fixated the whole time on the drummer. She was absolutely possessed. And reminded me a little of my mom.

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The Emeralds were the weakest - they tried to get the crowd pumped up but spent too much time talking and wound up doing the opposite.

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And finally, The Beaches. I'd glossed over their description and remembered something about reggae, so I was expecting a mellow set. It was anything but. It wasn't reggae so much as a mishmash of styles, punctuated by a manic bass and a frenetic keyboard (I think the keyboards are what makes them stand out). And the lead really knew how to play the crowd, having them pumped up and jumping though it. Best act of the nite, and a happy surprise.

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At the end of it all, they all came on stage (got a peek at what Scandal looked like). This was their final stop on the tour and most were headed back to Japan, so it was kind their own moment.

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