Artificial Life by Operation Ivy

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Lyrics for Artificial Life 

He's got a song about some love that's gone away 
Sometimes his eyes shed tiny teardrops when he plays. 
His touching ballads are just sitting there to buy. 
They call it music, but it seems more like a lie. 

Artificial life in the market place. 

Epic ballads by the musical whores. 
Life is boring so project theirs onto yours. 
Hear the anthems of the Pepsi Generation. 
See the martyrs of our spiritual degradation. 

Artificial life in the market place. 

American culture, Disneyland freakshow, 
Screen in your living room, 
A window for your tomb. 
If you can't compare to the world sitting there 
Repress your insecurities, watch and escape. 

Give me artificial, give me superficial, 
Give me a commercial life that can't be bought. 
This I say to you, what I say is true : 
Emotions aren't a product to sell and be consumed. 

Coming attraction, it's coming real soon, 
Prince is having lunch with Pat Boone. 
Want to know where all the bullshit goes, 
It goes down the sewer to be disposed.  

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