Swallows Everthing by The Mr. T Experience

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There were things I could have told you
But you've heard it all before
And you look so calm and peaceful
When you're passed out on the floor
Swallow everything swallow everything

You're the pellet with the poison
You're the hand that holds the pearl
You're an alcohol girl in an alcohol world
Swallow everything swallow everything

That's how a little bit of me becomes a part of you
And I know I shouldn't be complaining cause I enjoy it too
The eyes of a zombie and the will of a table for two
Swallow everything reject nothing

You plant a new emergency
For every one you kill
It's a fluid it's a solid
It's a powder it's a pill
Swallow everything swallow everything

Seeing double feeling single weigh the benefits and costs
Double single single double double single double crossed
Swallow everything swallow everything

And someone will always be there for you
To tell you what to say and you know you'll never walk alone
Cause you can't control your legs
You know you'll believe it and it's only a weekend away
Swallow everything reject nothing.

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