America, The Machine by Surrogate Brains

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Everybody's telling me to grab each opportunity,
Telling me there is a bright future as part of the machine,
But the machine has no eyes
Believe in their own lies
They worship the machine
But the horrors are unseen

Everybody killing each other, slowly as the machine
Points out the enemy and tells them it's their patriotic duty to
Eliminate the otehr choice
To sacrifice their voice
And even though it's wrong
They're needing to belong

Everybody tends to feed the machine
Hoping it will help them live their hopes and dreams,
But many dreams are shattered they get
Spit on by the puppets of the machine
And soon we'll realize
That the laws were a disguise
To protect the fulling class
Who sit on their fat ass

...And when the end is near
Everyone will run in fear,
On their knees they'll beg and cry,
But I'll live long enough to see the machine die

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