Christmas Vacation by The Descendents

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You were depressed, you were really messed up
You know I understand
But why did you not talk to me
Why didn't you help me prepare for the nightmare

You took a vacation into oblivion
You were so low and I felt like I didn't know you
Christmas vacation you took a vacation from me

Once it ended, I mended myself
But it keeps falling back down off the shelves in my head
A twinge of pain now, a shudder of disgust
As I shield my eyes from my own memory

I knew all about your plans
I really did understand
But you didn't let me know
I wasn't invited to go
Christmas vacation you took a vacation from me

I watched in desperation as you stumbled before my eyes
She needs beer, she doesn't need me, I finally realized
My anger and pain in all your fun, you couldn't recognize
I stopped caring long before you started to cry

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