Tide On My Soiled Genes by Surrogate Brains

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So this is your land
The inherited lan?
Did we ruin your plans
You "Pure Blood Angle-American"

So you feel we don't have rights
Just because we ain't white
Well, I'll tell ya what'll happen
The next time 'my kind' breeds
I'll put Tide on my soiled genes
To keep them Caucasian

Ten on one, now you're having fun
One on one, we'll see how fast that you can run
Now you can see the color of my skin,
But you're still blind
Because you can't see how we can be friends

Now what would make you think
That the white race is near extinct
And that non-Caucasians are a cause of this tragedy?

"White Pride" ain't my cup of tea
Sorry to ruin your plans.

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