I Wanna Be A Homosexual by Screeching Weasel

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i gotta little lisp and i've been working on my limp wrist women are a frag and i think i wanna be a faggot mincing ninny a prancing fairy merry little queen a bruce labruce wet dream a nancy boy with wings i wanna be i wanna be a homosexual
shock the middle class take it up your punk rock ass
you rub your little thing when you see phony dykes in penthouse magazine so whats the difference mr. cream rinse you just need a man a beefy leather fag to take you out in drag call me a faggot call me a butt loving fudge packing queer i don't care cause it's the straight in straight edge that makes me wanna drink a beer and be a pansy a homo
shock the middle class take it up your punkrock ass
you rub your puny thing when you see studs with tight jeans pass you on the street
who wears short shorts you wear short shorts you're so full of shit
why don't you admit
you don't have the balls to be a queer

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