Healthy Body by Operation Ivy

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Expensive vitamin pills and wheatgerms on your windowsill 
Your schedule's hectic and you got no time to kill 
You're earning money and spending it the right way 
You're just in such a rush 
You don't know if it's night or day 

5:30 get up and you run run run 
Then you work eight hours slaving under the gun 
Your little world's based on lies lies lies 
Always rushing but you're never ever satisfied

Healthy body sick mind 
You're working overtime 
Healthy body sick mind 
Too hectic, too hectic 
Healthy body sick mind 
It's just a matter of time 
Sick body sick mind

The money you spend on running shoes 
Could feed me for a week 
Your plans are laid so well 
That you can't even sleep 
Pursuit of happiness got your life 
Locked under martial law
You got everything to lose so you're 
Paranoid about some fatal flaw

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