Big City by Operation Ivy

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Lyrics for Big City 

Concrete and chaos rise up 
Spiderweb across the land 
Like a giant rash. 

Forests lie down below 
Foundations of buildings in a bed of ash. 

Some people here got it real good, 
'Cuz the glass towers bring prosperity. 
Other people starve in tne street 
Because concrete knows no sympathy. 

Big city, it's a wishing well. 
Big city, it's a living hell. 

This town, it's fucking insane : 
How one will starve and another will gain. 
Like a giant mechanical brain, 
And the people are cells and the streets are veins. 

It thinks only of itself, 
A thousand limbs crawling it expands and grows, 
And still the concrete sits there, 
Sits there, stark grey and cold. 

Big city, it's a wishing well. 
Big city, it's a living hell. 

And I think I wanna be a brick layer. 
So I can put another brick in the wall. 

It's sanitary, rational, happy and sane. 
Growing like a flower to surround us all. 

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