Bad Town by Operation Ivy

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Lyrics for Bad Town 

They call it a scene, I call it disaster 
Down here the kids grow up faster 
Scared, they're scared to the bone 
Like a pack of wolves they don't run alone. 
One on one they won't look you in the eye 
But when the pack's together there's a battle cry 
I saw it, 15 on one 
When the crowd dispersed the kid was done 

No ( no more ) 
No ( bad town ) 
No more bad town. 

Down there you gotta have a label 
Just like cattle in a stable 
Knee jerk reaction, I call it violence 
Why speak out when you could be silenced 
Down there, out on the dance floor 
Too much violence, I don't want more 
Down there, out on the street 
I can see the air, I can see the heat.

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