Wither by Monsula

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Watching the distance hearing the silence
Dedicating your aspects to society
Hiding the truth of new found addiction
Slowly unraveling to your enemy
Stealing yourself of face and commitment
Selling your goals off to end integrity
Casting a shadow across a mirror
See thing the meaning of productivity

Sometimes it may be better
To avoid the truth of what I see
But our friendship can't disintegrate
Due to your selfish greed
Arguing in circles
Hasn't bought us any time
You've lost the scenic beauty
Words etched inside your mind

I watched the color of your eyes
Change rapidly that day
When they said that what they had
Was just a block away
Satisfaction and contentent
Turned to emptiness and need
I watched you throw away the card
You once held up your sleeve

I watched the color of your skin
Grow paler day by day
The bones that did not hold up your frame
Soon crumbled all away
And when they couldn't see
I told them how we watched you die
Due to your addictive greed

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