Rain by Cringer

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Nothing is the same standing in the rain,
With the people waiting for the Muni train.
Everyone longs for communication.
Freedom seems little more than a recreation.
Everything is spinning around inside my head.
I wish I was at home, drunk and on my bed.
Drunk at home, alone, we dream of things we'll never be.
The truth is that we fear the thought of being free.
I can be anything I choose.
But I can't show it to you.
Watching the TV, bored out of my mind.
It's the same old thing for the 30th time.
The values I've learned are from a blue lit screen,
Although my mind keeps saying, "this means nothing to me."
Standing in the rain is a woman lower than low.
She has learned a kind of streetwise that I hope I never know.
Holding out her hand, asking me for my spare change.
Where is the freedom in the pouring rain?
I can be anything I chose.
But I fear what I might lose. You.

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