At Gilman Street by The Mr. T Experience

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Seems like it was only yesterday
With nothing to do and nowhere to play
But then we could go down to Gilman Street
And see Op Ivy every week
No violence drugs or alcohol
Just maximum rock and roll

At Gilman Street
It's the place to be
It's the seat of the punk rock scene
'Cause we got the beat
And we don't eat meat
It's a club, it's a place, it's a thing 

And if the band is hell of rad
Then Tim will start to bounce his head
All the kids will jump on the stage
And they'll hit the microphone in your face
And you will get a fat lip
You will get a fat lip in the pit

At Gilman Street
It's a safe retreat
For a zillion punk rock bands
'Cause they've got the club
And it's not enough
But at least it's not Bill Graham
It's Gilman Street

Radley does the sound
Honey watches the door
And James McKinney sweeps the floor
Isocracy made a mess
We demand nothing less

And if you've got nothing better to do
There's a meeting every Sunday afternoon
You can talk about skinheads at the show
You can vote and whether you're gonna vote
And you can make a speech
You can rant you can rave you can preach

At Gilman Street
It's democracy
It's just one big family
It's a bunch of geeks
It's a load of freaks
It's a club it's a place
It's a thing

It's Gilman Street.

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