Small Pebble by Common Rider

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i saw you burning in a starlit night
just like a pantheon of comets in flight
time or place or face, no matter
now listen to an idiot chatter

truth be told you're at least half gold
i love ya like a dog loves to run and ramble
make the brook babble and let the bell ring
don't let the action of factual things fracture your casual swing

you are the sun and that's law
i got a mouth like a donkey chewing on straw
calling all stones, calling all streams,
one piece many parts undivided in a dream

move it out now, step into the heat --
this will be the era where the people seek truth

small pebble, some small stone
no place to call your own
walk out to the dock to watch a wave roll
soul rebel, a passion unknown
don't let your dreams go cold
you've got to swing from the shoulder
swing from the shoulder of your soul

every processed thing's got an expiration date
so process everything and you had better speculate
this is for the ghouls, kick the doors off the tomb --
we are young forever, that's written on the moon
woah that's how it flows
it's a rough diamond, supreme romance --
no circumstance will ever stop this dance

rise from the corners, rise from the folds
move in the places that are brittle from the cold
sleepless searchers turning in the eves --
burdened with the vision of a world retrieved
peace manifest unity unity
born of positive c-h-a-n-g-e
speak, i'm weak, i need your power and your heat
looking for substance in a world of techniques

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