Kill the Message Board by Scholastic Deth

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I can't believe how stupid it is
It's like high school all over again
A tool like that is only
What we make of it
But take a lookAt some of that shit!
All this shit-talking, 
And back-stabbing
An example of how stupid some of us can get
fake names used for anonymity
license for stupidity
Go out side and get a life-fuck!

You know, I admit, I don't really go to message boards, nor have I ever bought 
or sold anything on eBay or whatever...but you always here about how the internet 
has revolutionized the flows of information and all I can think about is the 
few times I went to the Rev Board to see what all the hoopla was about when 
someone said such and such about this other kid. I couldn't believe how stupid 
it was. And it's a just a tool, so all the content is created by, and is a 
reflection of, the users. It's one of those things that makes me questions why 
would I ever want to be associated with this scene.

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