Situation by Crimpshrine

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I look at you - you look afraid
I'd like to ease you mind
But I speak, you turn away
I know we're supposed to fear each other
But I feel no fear
I'd like to take away your nervousness
But I can't get near.

And, every situation becomes 
An uncomfortable confrontation
Between two minds 
Unthinking as to why
There's this nervousness between us
And I wish we'd been simply taught to trust
Cuz every man is my brother
And I must treat him as such.

So come on down man
And take a look at who I am
Or are you afraid to find
A part of yourself
Inside of someone you don't understand?
I would think that to be the case
Cuz you got the same eyes
And I got the same face
We got the same blood 
And we got the same flesh
So take you hate and give it a rest.

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