Second Generation Junkies by Crimpshrine

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You're looking for something to do and something to be
Look to your heroes and buy that romantic junkie fantasy
You see some glory in their wasted lives
You need some purpose to waste your time

Put a needle in your vein
To fill that void and kill that pain
You're trying so hard to hide.
Junkie with your arms scarred,
Thinking that your life's so hard
But junkie, you life is no big deal
It's just that it's so sad to see
You so caught up in your own misery
You waste your mind to waste your time

Turns out one day all your money's gone (break down)
And you lie to your friends when they ask what is wrong

I wonder where everyone went
Their friends lost and their savings spent
The youthful generation that fucked up then
I don't want to see it happen again

Looking for identity or just a crutch (move on)
Choose something else or shoot it up
Addicted too much

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Release with solid bullets feature Second Generation Junkies

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