Yeast Power by Yeastie Girlz

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We're the Yeastie Girlz
And we got yeast power
We don't shave our armpits
And we don't shower
We don't say think you
And we don't say please
We put things in our vaginas
That you wouldn't believe
We're not your babies
And we're not your dolls
And we don't give a shit
About your blue balls
Don't care about your biceps
Don't care about your dick
And when you open up your mouth
You make us all feel sick
We're the Yeastie Girlz
We're the hottest in the land
Because we are the very first
Of the Vaginacore bands
So if you wanna join us
Gotta do one thing
Just grab onto your vagina
And shout and sing -

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