Rearranged by Crimpshrine

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Where is everyone?
As time goes on, nothing left to do
Things have changed and rearranged
I look for something new
Always here and nowhere to call home
Where's all the old crew?
Learn right from wrong and try to go on
Look for something new

Rearranged - a life to live
Rearranged - and love to give
Rearranged - but thing to receive
Rearranged - no plans to make
Rearranged - it's never too late
Rearranged - to find something to believe in

Everyone's gone but life goes on
Something I wish I was gone too
Things have changed and rearranged
I look for something new
Always alone
Never at home starting at the walls
They took the only thing I had
Now memories just make me sad 
And there's nothing left at all.

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