If The Things They Say Are True by Surrogate Brains

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Girls been telling me things about you
About things I never know
Maybe they're lying, I don't know
If the things they're saying are true

And then I look into your eyes
I see innocence and chastity,
Could you be lying to me?
Could I be fooled so easily?

They've been talking behind your back
About the guys that you attract
Just like flies to a pile of shit
How you've been fucking hella dudes
And how the lies you told were rude
And I don't know what to do
If the things they say are true

If they things they say are true,
Then I have lost my faith
Is there something you can say
To make my disgust for you go away?

Are you telling me more of your lies
About how you didn't screw the other guys,
Or are the girls just out to scandalize
Things I could never visualize

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