Kiss the Bottle by Jawbreaker

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It gets loneliest at night 
Down at the liquor store 
Beneath the neon sky 
Our moonlight 
Six a.m. the floor comes alive with lice 
The pan's dried up so tight 
With hardened beans 
We're hungry 
So I lean on you sometimes 
Just to see you're still there 
Your feet can't take the weight of one 
Much less two 
We hit concrete 
How were we born into this mess? 
I know I painted you a prettier picture, baby 
But we were run out on a rail 
Fell from the wagon to the night train 
I kissed the bottle 
I should've been kissing you 
You wake up to an empty night 
With tears for two 
Cigarettes they fill the gaps 
In our empty days 
In our broken teeth 
We're jonesing 
Say mister, can you spare a dime? 
Some change could make a change 
Could buy some time 
Some freedom 
Or an ear to hear my story 
It's all I've got 
My fiction beats the hell out of my truth 
A palm upturned burnt blue 
Don't call it sunburn 
You've been shaking on the job 
Just one drink ahead of your past 
There's a white light coming up 
You draw the blinds hoping it'll pass 
I kissed the bottle 
I should've been kissin you 
You wake up to an empty night 
With tears for two

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