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Receive yours when you buy your ticket
Strap it on your head and away you go
Turn it in after the show, they'll total your points and then you'll know
If you're punk enough to be punk enough to be allowed to mosh it up
The little computer does all the work, just go have fun and

Leave it to our new MOSHOMETER
To improve your local scene
Only "real" hardcores allowed and then...

Measure the level of air displacement
When you're running round in the pit
Keeps track of stage dives, blood pressure, heart rate--
Acting pissed? Good boy! That's it!
Who cares if the band says anything smart,
You're not heald accountable for listening
Just make sure you sweat and swear
How cool! You don't have to learn a thing!

If you want to enjoy the music, make new friends or watch the show
You'll be thrown out on your sissy ass by our hardcore patrol!
MOSHOMETER's just the next step up
From all the standards, rules and cliques
Only "real" hardcores allowed and then our scene will

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