Fun On The Freeway by Stikky

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Shooting at people on the freeway started down in the South
It's now become a trend, I sure hope that I'm not left out
Nothing like this has ever happened in our whole history
But I'll be jealous if someone gets to shoot more people than me!

Driving around with a 6-pack sure is fun
I down some beers and then pull out my gun
Don't swerve in front of me, don't even try
If you steal my parking spot yer gonna die!!

Down goes the guy driving the Mazda
Down goes the lady at the corner
Down goes the fool parked under the tree
It's like shooting gallery
"Killing's my business and business sure is good"
A list of my victims is chalked out on my hood
I can strike anywhere, I baffle the police
Only when I'm finally bored will these problems cease

When I'm stressed out and my life is a mess
I take some shots from a freeway overpass
This random slaughter helps me to calm down
Maybe I'll take my agressions out on your town!!

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