All Fall Down by Against All Authority

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It's all hopelessness, but we add hope
in a sea of...of hopelessness. 
The air stings my eyes
The water burns my skin
I've seen the reactions through my actions
But I don't try to change a thing at all
We're taught to close our eyes 
And conditioned to believe their lies
As we watch them rape the land and skies
To build the things that own our lives
And we'll never stop 
Were driven by greed 
We'll never stop 
We take more than we need
And we'll never stop
Our society
And they'll never stop
The politicians with their lies 
The corporations won't compromise 
Still we refuse to change our lives
And we all fall down
All fall down
We all fall down
All fall down
All fall down
And we all fall down
All fall down
We all fall down
All fall down
We do what is convenient for
Ourselves without regard for our surroundings
Or each other and take what we want 
And discard
The rest never looking back at the damage
That we've done 
Always moving forward
Closer to oblivion
And we all fall down
All fall down

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Re: Steam is down.
Stream is down again

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