Thanks For Nothing by Dillinger Four

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So what ya gonna do when someone waves a battle flag?
Untie your hands or crawl into a body bag?
What do you do when you hear the call,
You're standing with your back against the wall.
I'd like to think I'd never raise a fist
But I ain't never been put to the test

And I can blame the patriot for being blindly led,
But do we live the violence or the violence we've inherited

Blackened and blue you watch another turn the screw
Going on and on and on

I know it's dumb, when I was seventeen 
I thought about my place in history
And was there anything worth fighting for
And would I ever have to live through war.
And I won't blame the rebel for removing his own chains.
And I think a time may come when I may just have to do the same.

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