Partial Birth by Tilt

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Shaken baby sucking on the festive decoration
Turning patrotic colors to a purple stain
Dribbling down his belly, he's the hope of generations
The measure of the damage we have yet to ascertain

Mammoth head of paraffin of malleable nature
Pounded with the platitudes admissable for use
Pitiful and blundering, a mortifying creature
His neck is too too weak to support the partial birth of truth

Misbegotten, inconsolable
A fitting end result of his breed
Misbegotten, inconsolable
A product of stupidity and greed

Gotta take it open for immediate attention
Motor function modifies a gram of hit and hurt
He's a model unit of perpetual consumption
He's the evil product of our vulgar hand at work

Watch his as his dim eye
Roll back into his head
See him struggling in
His own filth to stand
Irretrievable and overfed
He reaches out
With his desperate little hands

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