O.K. F.M. D.O.A. by Dillinger Four

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Witness a jaded town
Got some champagne for a forty ounce frown
I've worked my theories through
Already half dead and nothing more to lose

Forget now what we've got
And all your old stories celebrating wounds
I've heard enough of "Those days are gone"
Because there's never time to play the fool

Come on, kill the lights with trouble make
Come on, smash the light and celebrate
Come on, let's tie a yellow ribbon around our necks
Of the motherfuckers living for the giving in
Move with the rogue set choking out the radio
A thousand voices booming out in stereo
From top to bottom knock them down like dominoes

Why wake up in the past
With well-framed pages from the book of rules
I've heard enough of "Where were you then"
Because I don't give a shit about collecting dues

I saw it coming now it happens all the time
First you had DIY chip on your shoulder
Then you got an ego fifty fanzines wide
Don't give me those eyes
That confidence you're selling I won't buy
Maybe the costume fits
But the scripts still shit

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