My Friend II by Fifteen

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Moms' in the kitchen giving her power way to a bottle of wine
Dad's in the office giving his power away selling his time
I didn't learn shit about life I learned to give my power away
I learned how to escape I learned to be a slave
Mom's in the kitchen teaching me about obedience and battery
Dad's in the TV room screaming something about authority
I didn't learn shit about life I learned how to get high
I learned how to check out and I learned how to die
LSD my friend, cocaine and speed my friend, beer and weed my friend, amphetamines
Coffee and cigarettes and never ending need,
Jack Daniels and needles and little cotton balls full of speed
My friends pick me up and take me away from my middle class hell I call home
My friends pick me up and take me away from my middle class hell I call alone
Thanks for the ride, it's time to say goodbye
I wanted a way out but I didn't want to die

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