I Keep on Tryin' by Fifteen

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I Keep On Tryin'

I don't care much for being a rich man, I want more for myself
than that
And nothing's gonna keep me from my dreams
Momma I'm tired of trying to adjust, to your circumstantial
Because on and on and on,
I wasn't good enough
But I keep on trying', I keep on tryin'
I hope someday you believe in me like I believe in you
Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for, maybe I'll always want
I don't care too much for being a poor man, desperation don't
suit me well
But I can't find a fair way
of succeeding
Momma can you tell me why, the world is such a lonely
If every one is searching for peace and happiness
But I keep on tryin', I keep on tryin'
I hope someday you believe in my like I believe in you
Maybe I'll never understand, maybe I'll keep doing
the best I can
The best I can

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