I Took You Driving by Sarge

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It was 
late august when I met you 
just in town for the night but nonetheless 
I pinned you in the hallway 
and you slipped your hand underneath my dress 

so last night I took you driving 
I checked you out from the corner of my eye 
you're so slick I'm growing wary 
but sometimes you're so sweet I can't decide 
and I tell myself 

give it a little time 
you gotta keep this boy in line 
you been down this road before 
and know what it can bring 
you haven't seen him in a year 
and you've got to be aware 
chances are he's only looking for one thing 

but there's just something about him 
keeps my mind on him for days 
really I could do without him 
but I think I'll play his game 
and wait 

and I like the way he looks me up and down 
I like the sneer that curls it's way around his mouth 
and he asked me why I'm always such a bitch 
he leaned to kiss me but I pulled away 
cause I'm not so sure this boy is it 

and I'm just so sick of boys in bands 
with all these egos out of hand 
I'm sure as hell not gonna sit around and wait 
if he wants some girl to understand him 
admiration on demand 
I think it's time he starts looking some other place 

so last night I took you driving 
I shut you down with a smirk and faked a sigh 
I still think you're kinda sleazy 
but why don't you call when you're in town next time 

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