Charms And Feigns by Sarge

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So glad when you drove down for the night hadn't seen the two of you in a while thought I could set your heads right wish you'd believe me he's not all he seems to be his eyes burn hot enough but hold less warmth than you think I don't know what the story was but I want more for both of us his eyes see everything he's got you pinned I know it all too well because I've been there before with him he couldn't even look you in the eye that should have been your first clue you were just another girl for that night another glass of wine will keep my mouth shut as you plan you're so sure a few more words will make him understand as he echoes through the halls you hear your name in every word he offers up to ease the shame and he checks for signs of weakness as you second guess the meaning of these games he preys by solitary glances begs for secondary chances charms and feigns can't you see he's never gonna change 

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