Fireball by Algebra One

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A countdown to a fireball in my living room
Let's go outside and watch the planets collide
The stars are kissing just for us
Through the deep forest
Love a crush untold, it's a UFO

Invite me
Of course I'll come
You are my shining sun

Let's go back home before I choke
And look through my telescope
The one I used last night to look through your window
You were smiling just for me
Yeah I know that's not what it means
Suffocate in my room
Because I know I could never be more than a friend to you

A comet clipper
A guided missle
A pillow kisser
Oh God I miss her
Not just anyone

You're my shining sun
You are my number one

How pathetic is this I can't come clean
Then the burns will be third degree
From standing too close
It's the kind of blisters you feel the most
I've got 1 month left in summer to feel this ache
And about 2 hours before you awake
Been waiting all night
3 hours of sleep and 4 spent being a creep
Maybe 5 weeks was enough
Feeling so sick, feeling so sick
So let's make it, 6 let's make it 6
Or 7 more, or 7 more
I've got 8 little tricks in store
And I'm just fine, I'm screwing up and looking at 9
I'll never win again, I'm reaching up and touching 10

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