Gang Way by No Use For A Name

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Here we come blasting thru all of your barriers
Not stressing that we won't fit into your images
Sick of being asked if we are a punk rock band
We don't want your labels won't you please understand

Images become distorted as people's ideas change
Another way of saying it is nobody is perfect
We will do our best at what we choose to do and now
We'll change a bit and go ahead to try something new

We learn it on television see it on the streets
A punker has to have spiked hair and never is dressed neat
So when we hear our first Punk Disc we think "Hey this is rad"
"I'll go buy some leather clothes, shave my head to the fad"
And then we have the thought that we really are so punk
But what we didn't know was we were fed a lot of junk
It happened to me and I'll bet it happened to you
Until our senses came around to see nothing was new
We broke the barriers and found that you can't go and buy
A form of thinking for better change no more fucking lies

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