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How can you judge a person by the color of his skin?
Why must you think that you are a better man?
How can you say that someone's not good?
How can you pass judgment without knowing them?
How can you say that pigment determines status?
Why don't you discriminate against plants if that's true?
How can you hate with so much hatred?
This is the kind of hatred that must die

Racism is just another excuse for jocks to think that they are better
Racism is a greedy excuse to force people to do your menial labor
Racism is and institution that's killed many people comparable to war
Racism is the biggest lie, what are you lying for?
What are you lying for?

Marching down the street in their stupid white robes is the KKK holding American flags
You can fuck America for all I care, if it means discrimination against the blacks
Pull your head out of your ass, thaw your freezer-burned brain
You megalomanicas think you're superior

There is no man who is so good, there is no man who is so healthy
No man is so intelligent, there is no man who is so wealthy
No man exists who is good enough to be entrusted with the welfare of his neighbors.

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