People Like That Should Be Spayed by Tit Wrench

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See that person over there
With the screwed up teeth and Bozo hair
What a waste of open air
People like that should be spayed
There's no need to be around hordes
Of dirty people with no morals
I got all the answers though
People like that should be spayed


We don't want murderers passing the torch
Or rapists or Athiests, or god forbid whores
And do we really need the disabled anymore?
You broke your leg too bad
People like you should be spayed


Irish Catholics producing way too much
Mexicans same thing cut off their nuts
Slavery is over Blacks no more fruitful fucks
If I don't like your looks you should be spayed

SPAYED And in Panam today
what we say .... goes

Doper parents, gas station attendants, people who use cheap carpet remnants
College students with no planned future, workers who are slightly injured
Military dezerters, or ones who quit, women without perfect tits
Anybody who's got a dick, waitresses who get no tips
People who don't smoke or drink alcohol
Anyones whose car has ever stalled
Blocking our path to the fast lane
I want them all dead now or at least


Spay 'em Spay 'em unless we ok 'em 
Spay 'em Spay 'em unless we ok 'em 
Spay 'em Spay 'em unless we ok 'em 
Spay 'em Spay 'em unless we ok 'em 

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