I Think I Can by 23 More Minutes

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Time to go to work, it's insane
I have this little pain
It's tough, worse than school
It wasn't this hard when I was in school
Life's tough but it's worth a try
Just try to make things right

What's that question
What you do, when your goddamn soul
Sits next to you
Do you really know anything for certain
To give a shit anyway
I've got one position
Wanna make it right
No need for these problems
I wanna make it right

Too much time playing the part
It must be hard when you have a cold heart
I think I can't I think you can too
I think I can't, man what's with you
Too much time on my hands
I don't even have an alternate plan

What's that? You don't have a problem?
Then don't look at me that way
What's that? You don't have a problem
Then there's nothing left to say

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