Night Breed by Screeching Weasel

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This used to be a place where we could walk the streets
Unrestricted by imaginary fears
Things didn't seem to be so complicated then
Til you polluted everything that we had here
Our little secret was exposed for all its worth
Stripped of everything that made it good and then
We were forced out of the world that we created
And expected to move on and start again
We live here today
We live here always always
The money moved right in and sucked the life right out
So the privileged could sit back and enjoy
The things that made this place what it was before you came here
Were the first things you decided to destroy
We walk your streets late at night while you're asleep
Creeping from the sewers oozing from the cracks
We are the blood that pumps the heart you call your home
And any day we're gonna come to take it back
We live here today
We live here always always 

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