Jacknifed Rig by Capitol Punishment

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Haulin' a load of heartache and slammin' beers
All he could feel were the tracks of this tears
He went on home and he started a fight
She took the kids and left late that night

In his 18-wheeler he followed her down
She went to her mother's house way 'cross town
He went up to the house and kicked down the door
Shotgun in hand that he hoped would say more

Life is so hard, life is so big
Life is so hard when you drive a big rig
Kid's don't ask me, I just don't know why
But it's time for me and your mother to die

Better start runnin' girl, you better run fast
Fiery 12-gauge shotgun blast
But, he was so drunk he couldn't shoot straight
He missed her, the cops came and now it's too late

Gear-jammin', ratchet-jawin' down I-80
He'd kill himself if he couldn't kill his ole lady
Wall to wall bears in the 50 dollar lane
Stacks blowin' black coal, just like a big train

Reach behind the seat and grab another beer
Smokey's closin' in and he can hardly steer
He jackknifed his rig at 90 miles an hour
At least for awhile he was in power

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Release with solid bullets feature Jacknifed Rig

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