Vagina Envy by Sewer Trout

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I want a vagina, but not just for sex
I want a vagina between my legs
I want a vagina instead of a cock
A cute furry pal to whom I could talk

I could have such fun and pleasure
Play with it in rainy weather
Put things in and take them out
Of my friendly female pouch

I want a vagina for no more wet dreams
Embarrassing moments, a bulge in my jeans
Unwanted erection, at the wrong time
If I had a pussy my urge I could hide

If I had a hole down there
Then I'd be without a care
No penile control of my mind
No dick to dominate my life

If I had a pussy, I'd make some new friends
Now girls don't like, I'm sure that would end
I would be buddies with the opposite sex
No more intruder or sexual threat

There's no good in sexual warfare
Treat people like they were blank there
Unless you find someone undressed in bed
Then I would look, I guess

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