Wally And Beaver Go To Nicaragua by Sewer Trout

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(featuring a conversation between Eager Beaver Contr and Lt. Col. Wally North)

<b>E.B.</b> - I don't know what to do - Yeah, I'm a Contra too
Tell me how I can be - useful for society

<b>W.N.</b> - Hey Beav, let's go to Nicaragua
Socialists have come to power
We'll have to steal and kill and lie
Or else democracy will die

<b>E.B.</b> - The people are so fun - they're proud of what they've done
They threw out that Somoza dude - he was a fascist scum

<b>W.N.</b> - Beaver don't be such a fool
It's obvious they're miserable
How can they be truly free
Without Big Macs and MTV?

Fight for Freedom - Fight for Coors
Drink their beer and fight their wars
Help the rich to kill the poor
Next stop is El Salvador

<b>E.B.</b> - What's this that I see - hanging from that tree
It looks like that hamburger I bought at Tasty Freeze

<b>W.N.</b> - Beaver that's a communist
We burned his farm and slashed his wrists
Then we strung him up to die
Good thing that god is on our side

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