Coors For Contras by Sewer Trout

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I don't want to go to school
I just want to drink some brews
Hamm's and Schmidt and Schaefer's too
Don't taste great but at least it's not Coors

Coors for contras - I don't wanna
Kill to get drunk but I gotta

Adolf ain't my kind of man
Profits go to contra-scam
Drink a schaefer's to protest
Coors for contras - Schaef's for anarchists

Coors for contras - beer for Nazis
Shaef's is cheaper and morally superior

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Release with solid bullets feature Coors For Contras

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Mike <9HrFBlNk/c> 2017-09-11 12:07
Don't ever go away. I love this radio station. It feel like going to Gilman...
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Someone ought to put the two "Mission Accomplished" comps from Dill Records...
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Re: Steam is down.
Arrgh, thanks for the heads up - it appears to have been down for more than 5...
Johnny <71m5IJLJRZ> 2012-11-05 06:55
Re: Steam is down.
Stream is down again

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