President Of The Anarchist Club by Sewer Trout

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Went to college late last year -
I was majoring in drinking beer
Then I thought I needed more -
Yuppie life is such a bore
So I cut my hair all weird
Bought some boots and cut my beard
Then I cut holes in my shirt
Started calling Uncle Sam a jerk

I hate Rambo - why I don't know
Some one told me he's a commie
I don't think much - but I'm friendly
All my punker friends voted for me
Punks unit -that was our slogan
Only punks and skins could come
Thought that we should have a leader
So I'm president of the anarchist club

We're suburban hypocrites -
We get our mohawks at the Ritz
Kicked a member out today -
Cause she had to cash to pay
We just latched on to this fad
Dress the same and think we're bad
Circle A's adorn our clothes
What it means nobody knows

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Re: Stream resting? Or down 4 good?
Weird! The stream was "running" but not working for some reason that wasn't...
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Stream resting? Or down 4 good?
Haven't heard any sounds for awhile... hope you're back soon!
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So very glad this site rocks on & on... forever! Thanks!
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I hope so too!
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I really hope this site stays online forever!

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