People Like Me by Sewer Trout

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Don't try and talk to me - the sheriff's deputy said
If you make one wrong move - you're dead
You must do what I say - and if you don't obey
I'll just blow off your head
Cause it's people like me who make all the rules
And people like you are just our tools

I've seen what happens to people like me
We just get fat and watch T.V.
We stare out into space until
We die of some stupid disease
I've seen what happens to people like you
Your look of pain just cuts right through
The bullshit that we call our lives
No wonder we want you to die

There's people like me in every walk of life
Could be your boyfriend - could be your wife
Could be a nazi - could be a jew
And you just better watch yourself cause you could be one too
And it's people like me who make all the rules
And people like you are just our tools

I see a room all bright and clean
The inside of a large machine
Where people like me are dressed in white
We cut you til you see the light
We drain the blood of people like you
I guess it's just the thing to do

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