One Day by Tilt

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It got to resembling a vaudeville show, the show of shows
Such comedy unsurpassed as juvenile theatrics go
But who am I to tell you to contain yourself?
Who are you to tell me to control it?
When we both have prepared so carefully.

One day
You'll know we never meant each other harm in any way
One day
You'll know we never meant eachother sorrow
Gotta keep my distance

I keep sifting through the loot to find the stairs
This business burning to the ground
I can't look back my hindsight seems to be impared
My outlook has no holds to see out

It's starting to hurt when I open my arms too wide
A milky white haze invades my vision
My lungs are heavy with your presence
As if you were standing right behind me
But I can't bring myself to turn around
Gotta keep my distance

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