Locust by Tilt

Rated unrated

I don't expect a response from you and I
Won't try to elicit one,
I stroke your walls as I prowl along,
They seem to be so strong,
Your windows are on their own, they are
Letting in a steady blow,
I can hear the wings of the locust,
But it doesn't seem to matter much

I don't trust your corridors,
Why do I hear the timber groan?

I'm getting closer,
Hitting rooms no light has shown,
I like the fixtures,
I adore the woodwork,
I lay prone,
Making out faces in the plaster,
My fingers probing
The molding for a trigger

Volumes of polaroids,
Nothing to speak of,
To speak of,
There are whole sections of this house
Not on the floor plan,
And I will ransack 'til I find myself an entry

You can't afford to let me go on searching for a motive,
You've got to assure me,
Don't allow me to doubt,
Produce the passkey satisfy my suspicions,
Will you trick me to co-author your plans,
Elaborate plans

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